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Biblical Baptist College is a regionally accredited, fundamental Baptist college, which requires a Bible major for every student, in order that they are prepared spiritually and academically to serve the Lord.
Pakistan is the second largest Muslim nation of the world with a total population of 160 million, which includes almost five percent Christians. It is an open mission field as the people are religious minded and willing to listen. For the interest of Christians who are burdened for the Work of Christ in Pakistan, here is a description of the different ministries, which need financial support, missionaries and continuous prayers. The interested brothers and sisters in Christ may donate for any of the following:

College Building:

We need to buy land and construct our college campus and hostel building. We need financial support and prayers from our brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world.

Bible Study Centers:

The graduates of the college have started Bible Study Centers in different cities of Pakistan. We need financial support for the renting or constructing of very small buildings for the centers.

Bible Teachers:

At present, our Bible teachers are under paid. We need support so that we may our Bible teachers better so that they serve the Word of God and starve not.

Church Planting:

Our graduates are establishing churches all over Pakistan, and they need support both for their daily bread and the renting or constructing of meeting halls.


Our graduates are serving as evangelists in different cities of Pakistan, and they need support for their daily bread.

Please contact us for your Support | Donation and Prayer Request

Note: The interested brothers and sisters may contact us or send us their donations mentioning what ministry they are interested in supporting. We will be grateful in Christ and praying for their efforts.
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